A new video attributed to the Turkish Ministry of Transport shows the moment when the ordinary cargo

A new video attributed to the Turkish Ministry of Transport shows the moment when the ordinary cargo ship Arvin disintegrated on the anchorage on the Turkish Black Sea coast.
At the time of the casualties, Alvin was making a stop on the voyage from Poti, Georgia to Burgas, Bulgaria. The Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that the ship sought shelter at the Bartin anchorage on January 15 after experiencing rain, strong winds and heavy waves.
On January 17, the 46-year-old ship was moored at an anchor point near Bartin. Her hull broke in half in the big waves. The bridge team made a phone call, but video evidence showed that they did not immediately issue a general alert within the first minute after the incident. Arvin split in two and sank shortly afterwards. In the video taken from another nearby ship, her port side anchor chain was intermittently visible under the bow (below).
The ship named M/V ARVIN sank off the coast of Inkum in the northern part of Batín Province. So far, the rescue team has managed to rescue 6 of the 12 crew members (all Ukrainian nationals) and rescued another 4 lifeless bodies. But the search and rescue phase has not yet been completed. pic.twitter.com/A8aQYxUarD
There are 12 crew members on board, including two Russian nationals and 10 Ukrainian seafarers. The initial search was blocked due to bad weather, but 6 survivors were rescued. Three bodies were found from the sunken ship, and the three crew members are still missing.
“In this video, we use investigations to understand the lives of seafarers, even if the sheet metal of a 46-year-old ship has reached a breaking point. As it is certain, the MV Bilal Bal ship will “sink four years ago.” , It must have sunk. “Turkish Maritime Trade Union Offshore Workers’ Platform said.
According to her Equasis records, a port state control inspection in Georgia last year found a large number of defects on the Arvin ship, including deck corrosion and poorly maintained weathertight hatches.
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